Despite AFC Title Loss; Colts Hang “AFC Finalist” Banner at Lucas Oil


The Colts lost the now infamous “Deflategate” game by 38 points to the Patriots, it’s not stopping them from putting up an “AFC Finalist” banner at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The banner was placed up at some point overnight as the Colts continue training camp at the stadium.

New Colts WR Johnson Declares Andrew Luck the Best QB in the NFL

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts

Better than Tom Brady and Peyton Manning? If you ask Andre Johnson, the question is yes.

The question about those two QB’s is ‘what quarterback is the best in the game today,’ to which the former Texan now Colts WR responds with his new found pal – Andrew Luck.

“He’s a hell of a player,” Johnson said. “I think he’s the best quarterback in this game.”

Luck, the Colts number one pick three years ago, has gotten better and better each season, and last year was able to get the Colts back to the brink of the Super Bowl, losing in the now infamous ‘deflategate’ AFC Title Game against the Patriots.

Johnson is sure to add more firepower to the Colts offense, and he and Luck will become fast friends in 2015.

“When you look at all the teams that have won Super Bowls over the past few years, they’ve all had great quarterback play, and we have a great quarterback here,” Johnson said. “I can’t say I’ve been fortunate enough to play with a great quarterback in my 12 years in this league, so I’m able to play with one now.”

Colts QB Luck Ranks As One Of the Best Play-Action QB’s in the NFL

AFC Championship - Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots

Pulling off a perfect play-action is a lost art form in the NFL, but if you have a player at the quarterback position that can pull it off, it makes it a valuable weapon for a team when they pull it off.

Luckily for the Colts, they have a player that has gotten nothing but better at pulling off the play-action the past few seasons, that being Andrew Luck.

The veteran QB is mentioned in an article by Sports Illustrated – The NFL’s Hidden Talents: Best play-action quarterbacks.

Here’s what author Doug Farrar has to say about Luck and his ability to shine when it comes to play-action:

It’s not exactly a news flash that Andrew Luck does a lot of things really, really well on the field, but more should be said about his ability to beat defenses with play-action. It’s something he excelled at while he worked under Jim Harbaugh and David Shaw at Stanford, and when former Stanford offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton replaced Bruce Arians as Indy’s coordinator in 2013, it made sense that Luck’s play-action game would thrive. When Hamilton started working with Luck in 2011, Luck’s rate of snaps using play-action flew up to 28% from 22% the year before. His touchdowns off play-action doubled from eight to 16.

Luck ran play-action on 16.8% of his passing attempts in his rookie season of 2012 under Arians, with six touchdowns and two interceptions. That kicked up to 19.5% in 2013, with four touchdowns and no interceptions. But last season, Hamilton took off the training wheels, and Luck became by far the league’s best play-action quarterback. Including the postseason, Luck threw from play-action on 20.8% of his passing attempts (Alex Smith led the league at 31%, for context), with 13 touchdowns and one interception. Compare those totals to his 30 touchdowns and 19 picks on all other plays.

And given the sub-optimal nature of the Indianapolis run game in 2014, Luck proved what coaches already know: You don’t need a dominant ground game to put a defense on edge with play-action. Just the threat of the run is enough, even if that’s all you have.

This 73-yard touchdown to T.Y. Hilton in Week 12 against the Jaguars was a direct result of a play-fake to Trent Richardson, perhaps the least effective running back in the NFL. Still, Jags cornerback Dwayne Gratz was caught looking for a brief moment, and that’s all it took for Hilton to blow by him. When you have single-coverage responsibility on a guy with Hilton’s ability to accelerate, it’s best to focus on what’s in front of you.

It’s a solid article that talks in-depth about the lost art in the league, and while Luck is on the list for his ability to produce magic, fellow QB’s that make the list include: Philip Rivers of the Chargers, Russell Wilson of the Seahawks and Eli Manning of the NY Giants.

Check Out What The Colts 2015 Draft Hats Look Like

2015 Indianapolis Colts Draft Hats

When the players in attendance at this week’s NFL Draft hear their name called, they’ll come up to the stage sporting a snazzy draft hat that they’ll be given for their new team.

Here’s what the Indianapolis Colts version of this year’s draft hat will look like. The hat has the Colts logo on the front and a drawing of the city of Indianapolis underneath the brim.

You can get your hands on one by clicking the link below!

Buy your Indianapolis Colts draft hat HERE!

ColtsGab welcomes Hunter Robinson, our newest writer

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Hey ColtsGab!

My name is Hunter Robinson, I am an avid Colts fan and I am currently on my way to earning a sports journalism degree. I currently live in Virginia but my heart bleeds blue! Saying that I bleed blue is something I’m going to keep strictly on the internet, because being in the south and bleeding blue means you support them dang Yankees!! The south will rise again!!! Alright, so now that I am done with that little tangent I’d just like to tell every one that I’m really excited to be joining ColtsGab as they look to begin their resurgence back into constant posting and thriving as the Colts blog other Colts blogs wish they could be. That is all for today, but starting tomorrow I will begin posting about the Colts!

Reggie Thanks the Fans

Reggie Wayne

Reggie Wayne was a class act during his tenure in Indianapolis, and it’s no surprise that his class carried over to his departure with the Colts.  Reggie published a letter in the Indianapolis Star, thanking the Irsays, his coaches, his teammates and the fans of Indianapolis for their loyalty over the years. Read the rest of this entry »

Colts Defense – Is it Better?

Kendall Langford

Yesterday, we looked at our 2015 offense and answered the question, “is it better than last year?” Today, we look at our defense and special teams and will assess whether we are worthy of being the favorite to win next year’s Super Bowl. Read the rest of this entry »

ColtsGab is Back and Better – Are the Colts?

Frank Gore and Andre Johnson

First…..ColtsGab is back and (to quote Mike Greenberg) better than ever! Very excited to post for the first time in almost 1 year. Expect that to change. Heck, why not? We now are the favorite to win the Super Bowl! High expectations for sure. Read the rest of this entry »

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