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NFL Rumors: Are the Indianapolis Colts Interested in Randy Moss?

According to Michael Lombardi of, the Minnesota Vikings have recently released wide receiver Randy Moss. In last night’s press conference, Moss should a lot of hatred towards the media. Overall, the conference was very controversial, as he kept saying so many positive things about the New England Patriots, as if he wanted to return […]

Tarvaris Jackson Could Play, DeAngelo Hall, Tony Romo, and More NFL News

Tarvaris Jackson has obviously improved since Brett Favre joined the Minnesota Vikings. Jackson may get a chance to start for the Vikes again, according to the Associated Press. Favre may be unavailable for the team’s next game. Jackson wants to make the most of this new opportunity. “I’ve been working hard throughout this whole process, […]

Favre Causes Huge Distraction, Could Ruin His Image; I Forgive Him, But Consequences Lie Ahead

MINNESOTA — What Brett Favre did was just filthy. Disgusting. Unlogical. Unthinkable. Just plain stupid. The Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback was caught for his sexting to Jenn Sterger when he was with the New York Jets two seasons ago. Favre made him look like a filthy, sex-obsessed pig. His image could be ruined and completely tainted. […]

Video: Colts Struggle But Beat Vikings

Colts Rally Late, Edge Vikings 18-15

If you watched Sunday’s game between the Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings, then you probably noticed like I did that it sure looked like the Vikings’ running attack and their defense was going to send the Colts away 0-2; but as I am sure you have heard more than once, appearances can be deceiving. Colts […]

SC Field Pass: Colts Vs. Vikings