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Defense Comes Up Huge As Indianapolis Stops Bengals, 23-17

Well, it wasn’t the prettiest game for the Indianapolis Colts’ powerhouse offense, but at least they got the job done and helped give Indianapolis a win today over the Cincinnati Bengals, 23-17. This victory was extremely important for the Colts as they were recently coming off a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last week, 26-24, […]

Colts Look to Get Bengals At Home After Loss to Eagles Last Week

The Indianapolis Colts lost to the Philadelphia Eagles last week, 26-24. They had a chance to come back in the game, however, Peyton Manning threw his second interception as it was to Asante Samuel again as Indianapolis falls to 5-3. Now they will face the 2-6 struggling Cincinnati Bengals tomorrow at home in Lucas Oil […]

NFL Rumors: Are the Indianapolis Colts Interested in Randy Moss?

According to Michael Lombardi of, the Minnesota Vikings have recently released wide receiver Randy Moss. In last night’s press conference, Moss should a lot of hatred towards the media. Overall, the conference was very controversial, as he kept saying so many positive things about the New England Patriots, as if he wanted to return […]

Manning And Co. Play Limited Minutes, Bills Trample Colts 30-7

For the second consecutive week, the Indianapolis Colts have been disincentivized as they have locked up home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs; thus, they have been using their reserves for the bulk of the last two games, including Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium in what can be accurately described […]

ESPN Columnist Calls Wayne the Best WR in the NFL

KC Joyner of has written his latest column, and it focuses on wide outs around the league.  While may think that Terrell Owens or Randy Moss is the best WR in the game today, Joyner has another opinion.  Reggie Wayne is the best receiver in football.  Here is the column portion of what Joyner […]