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Tarvaris Jackson Could Play, DeAngelo Hall, Tony Romo, and More NFL News

Tarvaris Jackson has obviously improved since Brett Favre joined the Minnesota Vikings. Jackson may get a chance to start for the Vikes again, according to the Associated Press. Favre may be unavailable for the team’s next game. Jackson wants to make the most of this new opportunity. “I’ve been working hard throughout this whole process, […]

Colts Roll, Peyton Beats Eli in Second “Manning Bowl,” 38-14

The Indianapolis Colts rocked, destroying the New York Giants in a 38-14 rout victory. Indianapolis, with their strong combination of running the ball and passing to create an unstoppable offensive attack, made the Giants look like small, terrified midgets as Peyton Manning repeats his victory as the “Manning Bowl” winner. Last time these two faced […]