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Video: Patriots Cialis Commercial Parody (For Deflated-Balls)

NFL Investigating Claim of Deflated Balls During Patriots-Colts Game

Hours after the Patriots rolled over the Colts in the AFC championship, columnist Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star tweeted that a league source told him that “the NFL is investigating the possibility the Patriots deflated footballs” during Sunday’s game, Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal reports. Deflated balls could be easier to grip, throw, […]

Luck and the Colts Get Slammed by the Patriots 59-24

The first Andrew Luck vs Tom Brady matchup will go down as the teacher taking the student to the woodshed. And it wasn’t pretty. Luck was off all day, throwing 27-for-50 for 334 yards, but also tossing three picks, two of which were returned for touchdowns as the Pats pounded the Colts 59-24. Aqib Talib […]

Colts Big Fourth Quarter Not Enough in 31-24 Loss to Pats

For all the losses that the Colts have suffered in 2011, getting a win over Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots would have been oh so sweet. Would have. The Colts Sunday put up a game effort – in the fourth quarter that is. It was not enough, as the Patriots 31-3 lead stood […]

Fantasy Football – The True Colts Fan Policy

As I’m sure that everyone now knows, the 2011 football season is back on. And while this is very exciting news for the owners, the players, NFL Fans, and the city of Indianapolis, it’s time we start thinking ahead to what really matters this season: Fantasy Football. I consider myself a pretty good Fantasy Football […]

AP breaks down the Pats-Colts Sunday showdown

Week 1: JPB’s List of Things

Week 1 list of- Things I Know Things I Think I Know Things I Know I Don’t Know. Things I Know: The NFL is won in the trenches. Rarely can a team win consistently without winning here. The Cowboys proved that front and center on primetime television. The Colts CLEARLY lost on both sides of […]